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 Growott 1000s 1500s Mini:

Growott 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000TL :

Growott 2500MTL / 3000MTL :

Growott 4000TL / 4400TL / 5000TL :

Growott 3600MTL/4200MTL/ 5000MTLS/ 5000MTL :

Growott 10000UE/12000UE/18000UE/20000UE:

Growott Storage System

Growott CP 100 / 250 / 500 / 630 / 1000 / 1260 Station:

Growott Shine Vision Desktop Monitor:

Growott Shine Wifi Module:

 The Wi-Fi solution allows wireless monitoring by attaching a Wi-Fi dongle to the inverter and pairing it with the local router. This system can then be monitored via the Growatt Shine Server which is a free monitoring platform. In addition this itself can be remotely monitored via a Mobile phone app.

Growott Shine Phone:

Growott Webbox:

Growott Shine Net:

Growott Inverter Troubleshooting:

 Growott Warranty Claim: 

The Growatt Warranty is between Growatt and the end customer. 

The Growatt Website has a link to all the Global support contact numbers - Growatt Global Support

For all matters including Warranty Claims, Warranty Procedures  or Technical Support end users must follow the details on the Growatt Website - Growatt Warranty Claims and Procedure

The Growatt claim form can be downloaded from - Growatt Claim Form PDF download(Click to View)

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