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The Stealth Energy PV Tile has 2 levels of MCS accreditation.

The Stealth Energy PV Tile carries its own MCS number of BABT 8675-03. This is the currently required product specific MCS Certification. This covers all areas of production, quality control and testing of the PV Tiles themselves, exactly as a standard PV panel would be accredited.

Shortly the MCS have announced that they will be introducing a new standard MCS012 which relates to the mounting system for any in roof or on roof solar installations. In anticipation of this standard the Stealth Energy Mounting system has been certified for MCS 012 and the number is BABT8692-01.

The MCS 012 consists of 3 tests which include the tiles in conjunction with the mounting system. The areas fully tested are Fire, Wind uplift and driving rain. All areas must be fully tested in order to achieve this standard.

Preparing the rig for testing / water spray and deluge testing


Wind Uplift Test- Large suckers are used to pull the tiles of in increasingly heavy loads until destruction.

Suckers fixed to the Tiles  Loads are increased in increments simulating wind uplift

Fire Testing

multiple rounds of testing at extreme heats. Flame testing checks for any possible spreading of fire  all joints and flashings are tested to very high heats for sustained periods of time

MCS 012 Guidelines

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