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 Does the mounting work with all roof types?

In principle yes, the mounting is generic. The side flashings create a flat surface with a return on it which can be covered by most standard roof tiles. The foam strips stop any additional wind or snow getting blown behind the roof tiles.


How many strings per installation?

The characteristics of the tile mean that for all domestic installations the tiles are installed in a single string. Always confirm this with which ever inverter you choose to use.


Does the roof need to be checked?

As with any roof covering, visual checking on a monthly basis is a good idea. We recommend a visual inspection above and below the installation as much as possible to check for any issues – water penetration, signs of excessive heat, animal infestation, debris build up etc.


Does the roof need additional strengthening?

Generally no, the tiles and mounting system are very much lighter than the standard roof covering which is being replaced. However every roof must be checked during installation and the substructure and membrane brought up to British Standards.


Can anyone install the roof tiles?

We recommend that they are installed by an experienced roofer. The skills required are those of a roofer – just like installing a Velux window. However a diagram should be provided to show how to connect the panels together, and where to leave the last male and female MC4 connection to go through the roof.


What are the benefits of the Stealth Energy Tiles?

The benefits are the looks, the fact they sit flush to the roof makes them as unobtrusive as possible. The level of performance compared to other in roof systems is a key advantage.

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