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StealthEnergy Tile System

The growth in the use of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) as an efficient form of generating renewable energy has exploded around the world over recent years. Many markets have grown from almost nothing to large users. The U.K. is typical of this level of growth which was mainly fuelled by high feed in tariffs, which have now declined resulting in a more stable market for Solar PV.

The constant increase in energy prices is now one of the driving factors to investment in Solar PV. While feed in tariffs are still present, there is more of a conscientious decision to invest in solar from homeowners. Accordingly the requirements of customers is changing, more demand than ever that the solar systems they invest in are as unobtrusive as possible.

Over recent years PV manufacturers have been able to sell everything they produce as so many global markets hit peak demands, often fuelled by the next drop in tariff dates. As a result there has been very little development in the aesthetics of the panels, other than to offer them in black as an option.

Infinity Innovations developed Stealth Energy solar tiles by prioritising two areas – Performance and Aesthetics. In doing so the proverbial ‘drawing board’ approach has created a revolutionary perspective on the use and installation of Solar PV.


Extensive research and development has developed the Stealth Energy Solar Tile. The cells specified in the manufacture are of extremely high quality, resulting in 50w per tile and excellent module efficiency.

Prioritising performance lead to a highly refined mounting system which comfortably reaches the required levels of MCS012 for strength and weatherproofing. Key to the annual performance is the airflow which is achieved once the tiles are installed. Unlike other tiles, which have no airflow due to thick backing sheets, the Stealth Energy system has constant airflow behind the tiles to remove any generated heat and optimise performance.

Cell characteristics for the Stealth Energy Tiles mean that each installation up to 4kw is always installed in a single string where possible. This means that each tile is contributing fully to optimising the performance of the inverters. More performance from the inverters creates considerable yield advantages.

The Stealth Energy Tiles are small and tough. By now you will most likely have seen images of people standing on the tiles. We do not recommend this – but the point is made as to the strength of the system. Size is everything when handling and moving tiles for installations.


The greatest downfall of Solar PV is that it is unsightly. We all see the solar panels on roofs, and while the technology is brilliant in it’s simplicity, it looks ugly.

Aesthetics was given top priority in the development of Stealth Energy, resulting in a system which is sleek and as unobtrusive as possible, while still allowing available roof space to be turned into a method of harvesting free energy.

Stealth Energy Tiles are blackened and frameless. This means there is less of them and they are less visible. The tiles are installed by removing a section of the existing roof tiles, and replacing them with the Stealth Energy Tiles.

Blackened tiles mean that the back coating – the gap in between the cells are black. The actual cells are naturally a very deep blue, giving the Stealth Energy Tiles a blackened appearance.

A significant feature of the Stealth Energy Tiles is that they are frameless. This allows for a simple method of fixing the panels to the lightweight mounting system, and makes the installed tiles to be unobtrusive as the tiles are only visible by the thin frameless side.

The mounting system ensures a specific camber for each tile to be installed. The tiles overlap copying the appearance of standard roof tiles and making the finished installation impressive in that it is unobtrusive!

Stealth Energy Solar Tiles prioritise looks and performance!

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