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Growatt three phase inverterGrowatt Three Phase inverters

Growatt have a full range of three phase inverters. All units are now supported by a standard 10 Year Manufacturer warranty.

Current stock: 6000 UE, 7000 UE, 8000 UE, 9000 UE, 10000 UE, 12000 UE, 18000 UE, 20000 UE, 30000 TL3, 33000 TL3, 40000 TL3

Growatt inverters are supported by Free design software. The whole range of inverters are highly flexible and simple to install.

Various forms of monitoring are available for the Growatt inverters from simple desk-top displays to Wi-Fi solutions which can come through to you phone.

Growatt Single Phase Inverter Specification sheet and support documents

Growott 10000UE/12000UE/18000UE/20000UE:

 Growott Warranty Claim: 

The Growatt Warranty is between Growatt and the end customer. 

The Growatt Website has a link to all the Global support contact numbers - Growatt Global Support

For all matters including Warranty Claims, Warranty Procedures  or Technical Support end users must follow the details on the Growatt Website - Growatt Warranty Claims and Procedure

The Growatt claim form can be downloaded from - Growatt Claim Form PDF download(Click to View)


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