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Stealth Energy is a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System which has been developed by Infinity Innovations Ltd. Many years of experience in the Solar Renewables Industry has culminated in the development of this new solution to the generation of sustainable energy in the form of electricity.

The Solar Renewables industry has seen a meteoric rise in demand for PV systems, driven by feed in tariffs from the government which meant that the installation of Solar PV systems for homeowners was a highly viable financial option. However although the technology has continued to improve, the level of subsidies has reduced dramatically. Those looking to benefit from Solar PV systems face a tighter financial decision, and therefore are demanding more from the traditional on roof frame mounted systems – they are demanding that the PV looks agreeable.

Stealth Energy is a complete system which looks to bridge the gap between the significant benefits of Solar Photovoltaics, with the difficulties of living with many renewable energy systems– which is that often they are unsightly. Existing attempts at solutions, such as in roof solar, and solar tiles have tried to offer a solution, and improve on standard solar pv systems, however both have limitations due to performance, finished looks and costs.

Stealth Energy bridges the gap of aesthetics and efficiency to provide a cost effective solution to generating domestic energy. The frameless PV panels, or pv tiles, or solar tiles displace a section of the existing roof covering to allow the in-roof solar tile, or solar roof tile to sit flush with the existing roof on a specific ‘performance efficient’ mounting system, and as they are black in colour, they are almost unnoticeable on dark roofs.

The Stealth Energy system matches the efficiency of standard solar pv systems while allowing the solar tile, or solar roof tile to be relatively unnoticeable once installed.


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