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Stealth Energy Tile

The Stealth Energy solar tile is a frameless pv panel. It is much smaller than a standard solar panel, and comprises of 12 highly efficient Monocrystalline Cells, giving an output of 50w per panel.

The development of the Stealth Energy Solar tile allows an in roof solar solution, which uses the minimum of space to achieve high yield.

Key features to the Stealth Energy solar tile are:

  • Highly efficient cells
  • Frameless pv panel
  • Pre drilled holes
  • Small and lightweight
  • Full Black appearance
  • Standard Connections
  • Electrical Characteristics

Highly Efficient Cells

The best quality cells will produce the highest returns from the smallest area. The Stealth Energy solar tile uses highly efficient Monocrystalline PV cells, or wafers, which allow this small solar tile, or frameless pv panel to generate 50w of power under standard conditions.

Frameless pv panel

A standard solar pv panel has a thick frame all the way around it. This frame creates additional weatherproofing, strength for the long standard pv panels and a frame to grip on when mounting the panels. It also adds a substantial amount of weight to each solar pv panel.

The Stealth Energy solar tile is a frameless pv panel. Considerable amounts of research and development have solved the requirement for any frame in terms of weatherproofing. As the individual solar tiles are small by comparison to large standard pv panels, each one is incredibly strong. As no frame is attached to each panel, they are very light and easy to handle.

Pre Drilled Holes

To develop a frameless pv panel, or solar tile and then drill holes in it would seem entirely counterintuitive. However this specialist ability to provide the frameless pv panels or solar tiles with pre drilled holes allows for a very simple and extremely strong mounting system to be used. As existing pv panels have a frame around them, all kinds of mounting systems have been developed to effectively ‘grip’ the frame to secure it to the roof. With the frameless pv panel, or solar tile, it is very simple as you just screw them down.

Small dimension and lightweight

The benefit of having a frameless pv panel, or solar tile, is that they are much lighter units. Many solar roof installations happen at height on second and third floor height, and so to only have small pv tiles instead of standard pv panels which can be up to 2 meters long, makes for a much safer and simpler handling experience.

Small solar tiles also allow much greater use of space on a roof. Many small areas cannot be used with standard pv panels as the pv panels are too large. This is not the case with the Stealth Energy solar tile modules.

Full Black Appearance

Additional manufacturing processes in the productions of the Stealth Energy PV Tile, ensures that all the back sheet of the unit is black. The monocrystalline cells or wafers are not actually black, they are very dark blue, but they have the appearance of being almost black, which means that the frameless pv panels, or solar tiles appear to be black. The black appearance for the solar tiles means that the look of the in roof solar installation is very low impact. Where the existing roof is dark coloured, the in roof solar pv tiles once installed are highly integrated and therefore much less noticeable.

Standard Connections

The back of the Stealth Energy solar tile uses industry standard MC4 connecters. The back-box itself has been specially designed for this smaller and slimmer application, but any installer will be familiar with the MC4 male and female connectors which allow the panels to be connected in series.

Electrical Characteristics

The electrical characteristics are such that the voltage of the panels allows for all installations up to 4kwp to be installed in a single string. This is important as particularly on the systems of 2kwp and onwards the voltage is high, which assists with higher performance from the inverter. Single string installations are much simpler for the installers, quite simply it requires much simpler installation as each solar tile is simply connected one to the next, in series.

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