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Stealth Energy gain MCS accreditation for a new strike on the PV domestic market

Infinity Innovations Ltd. have gained MCS accreditation for their new roof integrated Solar Tile which is poised to introduce a new level of efficiency and aesthetics to the U.K. domestic PVmarket.

“We have been flying under the radar with the Stealth Energy Solar Tile development” says Jake Findlay, the Sales Director of Infinity Innovations.

The global solar market is continuing to grow, however due to the drop in feed in tariffs, the industry is looking forward to a future based on solid growth, rather than the explosion of recent years.

Stealth Energy Solar Tiles tackle head on the biggest issue facing the future customers of photovoltaic products – solar panels are considered to be ugly. Infinity Innovations have prioritised aesthetics and performance in developing the Stealth Energy Tiles.

Stealth Energy PV Tiles replace sections of the existing roof with a lightweight mounting system designed to MCS012 standards. The mounting system while weatherproof, provides the facility for good airflow behind the tiles and therefore increase efficiency by removing any generated heat.

Many patented features of the frameless tile demonstrate how the rulebook was thrown our when the Stealth Energy tiles were in the development stages. The new frameless tile has a revolutionary back box, a new sealing system to the sides of the panel which allows the frame to be discarded, and most unusually the tiles have holes predrilled in each corner which are part of the mounting system.

Due in stock in December 2013 the details are now fully available for release.


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